Monday, October 2, 2017

Time for a Cover Refresh

As many of you may know, in addition to writing books, I design covers--both for myself and other authors. Last week my friend, editor, and client, Jannine Gallant, came to me with a request to help her update the covers of her three self-pubbed romantic suspense novellas. I had helped her with the original covers almost five years ago and thought it would be fun to refresh them.

This project arose because times and tastes change in many things, including book cover art. There appears to be a current movement to emphasize the suspense element in romantic suspense and omit photos of characters from book covers. Jannine wanted her covers to reflect that, so she chose some wonderful new images--including one she took herself of a favorite childhood haunt. I tweaked them and added the text. We'd love to hear what you think! 

The photos on the left are the original covers, and the photos on the right are the updated versions.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Garden Photo Contest

The Carmel Valley Garden Club annual garden show is coming up in about a month, and this year they've added a new feature--a photography contest. Since OG gave me my wonderful new camera for Christmas, I've decided to enter a few of my photos--all taken from my own yard.

The contest includes five categories: landscape, wildlife, flowers, plants, and edibles. Each entrant is allowed to enter three photos. That's where you come in. I need help choosing my entries. I've already chosen my favorite landscape photo. I can't imagine I could top this one of a misty valley sunrise:

Where I need help is choosing a flower photo and a wildlife photo. The wildlife entry is going to be the most challenging because we have so much fun wildlife here, and I've been lucky enough to capture a number of my favorite visitors on camera. Each photo is numbered, and I'd really like to hear which animal and which flower you like best. The entries will be printed in 8" x 10" format, and OG has volunteered to print them for me. Thanks for your help!